Suffering From Digestive Issues? This Resource is For You

Tired of “dealing with” Gas, bloating, heartburn, candida, constipation or diarrhea?

Trust me, I've been there! Just last month, I had a “gut misadventure” myself. It was NOT pretty!  Between over-detoxing, over-working (oops!), sensitivity to a filler in one of my supplements, and experimenting with my Thyroid hormones, my bowels got totally messed up!

Then my spare tire started growing back (yikes!), and my back “went out” on me.   I was in agony for two days and even had to cancel my patients! I discovered that I became REALLY mineral deficient. Luckily, I recovered my back function quickly thanks to slamming some high dose ionic minerals, but that was just the start of my gut repairing.

Just so you don't have to go through what I did, I am so excited to tell you about the Digestion Session from the Second Opinion Series from Underground Wellness.  After downloading the Thyroid Session earlier this year and learning a TON about Thyroid disease (like which medications have gluten, corn and dyes…who knew?…but I digress), I couldn't wait to share with you the Digestion sessions!


Gain the Recordings from the Top Digestive Experts HERE.


Sean Croxton gathered the leading A-List of Digestive Experts to chat about the hot topics including:

  • “gluten sensitivity” — Is it real or not.?
  • How  digestive problem are caused by things like autoimmunity, asthma, allergies, mood issues, cardiovascular disease, brain fog, and joint pain. (Who knew?)
  • And you’re not gonna believe what one doc says about acid-blocking drugs. Yikes!

You can own all these juicy audios from this conference for good here: karenkan.com/digestionsessions

Oh and check out their really cool trailer below!

Karen Kan
  • Judy Stark
    Posted at 09:02h, 26 May Reply

    I lost my place and the recording of Dr. KAN nterview with a Chinese MD regarding digestive issues. He suggested using a patch on stomach 37.. i left the recording to research stomach 37, but when I tried to come back to the recording I couldn’t find it. I searched my browsing history and Google and no luck.

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