[Superpower Book] 10 days until launch!

Am I nervous? or excited? Or a little of both?

Sometimes it's hard to tell because physiologically the effects are the same: faster heart rate, alertness, energy surging. So what's the difference?

Context + Perception

If you choose to go down a monster roller coaster, screaming the whole way down (like I often do), your nervous system is probably doing flip flops, telling you “AAAAACK! I'm gonna die!” But because you CHOSE it and you knew it was gonna be scary, you perceive it as FUN.

On the other hand, when you're just mucking about in the house and a wave of panic and fear comes over you for no apparent reason and your heart starts to race, you think “I'm gonna die!” You judge it as awful, horrible, unwanted. Maybe you medicate it with pills, alcohol, or marijuana. You wish to be “fixed” and you want these episodes to stop. The doctor diagnoses you with Panic Disorder, Anxiety, or PTSD. Sound familiar at all?

Highly Sensitive people (I call them Sensitive Souls) make up about 30% of the general population. Yeah, that's almost 1/3!! Some think of them as the canaries in the coalmine, having symptoms whenever negative energies are present, when the rest of everybody is oblivious to them: pesticides, volatile chemicals, glyphosate in wheat products, electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, Wi-Fi, cordless phones, mental manipulation from media, etc.

I'm one of those Sensitive Souls. Although my symptoms are no longer depression, anxiety, suicidality, I know plenty of people whose sensitive natures can FEEL the energy of the collective unconscious. When they are sensitive but don't understand that the sensitivity is really a gift they can harness (and do wonderful positive things with), they suffer.

My mission is to help Sensitive Souls harness their sensitivity as a superpower, so they can heal themselves, fulfill their mission, and create a life full of joy. REGISTER for my book launch party that's happening December 10th at 1PM Eastern here: www.superpowerbooklaunchparty.com and please SHARE this with everyone you know who is a sensitive soul or who have sensitive children/grandchildren.

Gifts and prizes will be shared during the live event! Please wait until launch day to purchase a copy of the book.

Karen Kan
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