[Superpower Book] 5 days until launch!

“With the world fluctuating and moving into the unknown like never before, it can be very tempting to react to our sensitivities with resentment. Most people are doing whatever they can to try to make their feelings go away, to become more numb seemingly for the sake of convenience. Sensitivity is Your Superpower takes a courageous step in pointing people toward wholeness by helping them own their natural biological functions in conjunction with the deeper truths of their soul. We are not meant to be victims of our gifts. This book looks that issue square in the eye, and smiles.”
Joshua Brandon Pánczér, Founder of Quantum Theater and The Truth Dojo
Thank you Joshua for sharing your endorsement of my new book that's launching in just 5 days! I love the work that you do and I'm so thrilled that as a sensitive soul man, you are utilizing your amazing gifts to help others heal from the inside-out. ❤
WAIT TO BUY THE BOOK NEXT WEEK on Thursday, December 10th which is book launch day! Participate in the book launch party (free) and Telepathy Workshop and please, please invite other sensitive souls to join us! www.superpowerbooklaunchparty.com is where you can register to be a part of the fun, prizes and workshop!
Karen Kan
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