[Superpower Book] 7 days until launch!

It isn't all that mysterious. Thoughts are “things”. Photons of light. Newtonian physics doesn't explain how telepathy works, but quantum physics may. All sorts of interesting research has been done on the subject.
When we have a conflict with someone, be it our friends, our family members, our coworkers, or our boss, it is common for us to stew about our differences. Sometimes we even lose sleep. But I have discovered not that long ago, that I could ERASE the negative feelings between me and the other person by doing Transformational Telepathy™. It is a very simple technique that gets us from feeling resistance and resentment to feeling appreciation and acceptance.
I've dedicated a whole chapter in my book teaching you how to do this. Join me next Thursday on book launch day, December 10th at 1PM Eastern, for my book launch party and Telepathy workshop. It's free, but you need to register to attend: www.superpowersbooklaunchparty.com. Please wait until launch day to purchase the book 🙂. The free gifts link will be announced as well as several prizes awarded to folks who show up at the party!
Let's do this!
Karen Kan
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