Suprising Solutions for Dizziness & Ringing of Ears

How to Use Acupuncture Patches as a Natural Remedy for Dizziness and Ringing of Ears

If you were to Google “what causes dizziness” you may be surprised at what pops up. Out of curiosity I decided to try it, and one of the top hits was an article with over 15 different diseases that had dizziness as a symptom. Yikes!

Now, I'm not a huge fan of placing these kinds of labels on your symptoms (as it can have rather mentally defeating effects on some people) but what I did appreciate about the article was it's ability to notice the connecting pieces linking almost all of them including..

  • Imbalance in the brain
  • Lack of energy/blood flood
  • Injury/Infection
  • “Other Causes” which includes medications and lack of proper nutrition/water

Interestingly enough, there was not one single suggestion on how to resolve it (neither were the other articles I skimmed either). Oh, except to see your doctor.

If it were me, I'd rather save the time, money, and guesswork from the multiple and brief talks with a doctor, and instead go straight to a source that I knew worked.

For my clients that show these symptoms I highly suggest trying out acupuncture patches to rebalance their internal systems. It's incredibly simple and effective- just the way I like it!

I could go on and on about all the ways in which acupuncture patches can quickly get your internal systems back in balance, but I'll save all the juicy details for my radio show coming up on Monday. Join me as I interview Chinese Medicine expert and acupuncture patching pro Dr. Dennis Lobstein and you can learn not only how these patches work, but step by step instructions on what meridian points to place them to see the fastest results.

Below are the details to check it out. You can join us live to ask questions, or listen to the recording anything after the show.

Monday, September 5th at 12 pm Noon Eastern time

Call in to have your questions answered by calling in at: (818) 514-1190

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Know someone with these symptoms? Please share this free resource with them so they can decide if it's a good fit for them. It could dramatically transform their life!


Dr. Karen


Karen Kan
  • Grace Rico
    Posted at 23:22h, 04 September Reply

    Hi this ? Is not about the ear ringing but what is the difference between the tan patch in the ice wave compared to the tan patch (with out the bead)n the aculife

    • Karen Kan
      Posted at 13:04h, 07 September Reply

      Tan patches are different between the icewave and energy enhancer, however they are exactly the same between the Aculife and IceWave. The bead is unnecessary and was for country regulation purposes only.

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