Tense & Painful Muscles? Your Organs May Be Why

The Rarely Talked About Connection Between Muscle Pain & Your Organ Health

Are you experiencing  tension in your muscles or perhaps just a general chronic pain in your body? This is likely due to the imbalance within your body between your organs and muscles, causing pain and tension.

For my final online training, I have invited Pain Management Specialist Kathy Arnaud to lead a course on how to use the Chinese acupuncture system to re-balance your organs and muscles and create space for healing.

Don’t miss out TOMORROW as we will cover:

  • How the muscles and organs of the body are energetically connected and how dysfunction in one can reveal dysfunction in another

  • The simple steps to easily and quickly re-balance your muscles and organs

  • The tell-tale signs that you have an imbalance in your body
  • How to use “needle-less” acupuncture patches to improve energy flow in your organs and finally release tense/painful muscles


Here are the Details

“Muscle-Organ Connections”

Thursday, October 17th at 8:00 pm EDT

(*A personal copy of the recording will be available to you after the class)

To register please visit:



(if you’ve never used learnitlive.com please check out this short tutorial we’ve put together just for you! www.karenkan.com/learnitliveregistration  )

This class will be primarily led by

Kathy Arnaud, Certified Massage Therapist

Human and Equine Pain Management Specialist




No previous credentials are required to attend the class.

Students should acquire the acupressure chart available at http://www.awakendivineenergy.com/energy_medicine_charts.html Cost of the chart: $15. This chart is nicely illustrated and laminated.



I highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about taking their health into their own hands and learning some advanced techniques to create more healing and balance in their life.


See you on Thursday!

Dr. Karen

Karen Kan
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