The 3 Levels of Healing – Why Deep Healing Can Take Longer Than We Expected

Tips to Speed Up The Healing Process

iceburgMany years ago when I suffered from fibromyalgia I used to think “why can't I heal?!” I thought if I did all the “right” things to heal myself then I should be healed by now..right?

I hear similar words of frustration from people suffering from chronic pain or who are facing other issues that seem to keep reappearing in their life despite their personal work.

So what's the deal? Why aren't you healing?

Join me on Monday as I chat with Bruce Dickson about what is standing in the way of your healing (Here's a hint: you probably haven't explored the “bottom of the iceburg” yet!)

We will be discussing: 

        • The 3 levels that must be adddressed before deep, lasting healing can take place.
        • How unconscious reactivity is blocking us from healing more rapidly
        • How you can begin to speed up healing in all areas of your life right now

Be sure to call in to have your questions answered LIVE on the air!

 Details to Tune In

Monday, August 18th at 12 pm Noon Eastern 

(Can't make it live? That's ok check out the link below for the recording)

Tune in live via internet here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drkaren/2014/08/18/why-is-it-taking-so-long-to-heal-why-healing-is-like-an-iceburg

Listen Live & Have Your Questions Answered: (818) 514-1190



Dr. Karen Kan


Karen Kan
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