The 4 stages of every Ascension cycle

Dr. Karen's Spiritual Medicine Digest: Ascension Stages, Proxying, Brain Balance and More..


Wow, I have quiet a lot to share with you in this week's Spiritual Medicine Digest including…

  • Why it's SO important to check your Brain Balance right now
  • How to tell if you are proxying for your soul destiny partner
  • The 4 stages of every Ascension cycle
  • my upcoming show.. how to naturally relieve Pelvic pain (including period cramps, sexual pain and more)


If you're not sure how to check your brain balance, then you'll want to check out this short video HERE as I quickly guide you through how to test yourself and rebalance your brain. Here's the cool thing, your brain balance testing will tell you if you are proxying for someone else!

This is really important, because if it's not even your “stuff” then you can simply release it.. just like that!

If you test that it IS your stuff, chances are it may actually be ascension symptoms.


I've discovered that there are 4 stages of every Ascension cycle: 

1- Increased Sensitivity

2- Energies “come up” and get can stuck in places such as your neck- causing tension and pain (and you lose grounding)

3- Ascension resistance (shows up as entities from other timelines etc)

4- Integration of these energies

You can learn more in the video below.

Finally, last but not least, Monday's radio show is going to be on how LifeWave phototherapy patches can be used to help with all sorts of Pelvic pain including period cramps, sexual pain and more. Be sure to join us at 3 pm EST HERE to ask your questions to the doctors themselves (replay available at the same link).


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Dr. Karen

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