The real reason for the Las Vegas Shooting?

This Week's Spiritual Medicine Digest

In this week's Spiritual Medicine Digest I share some possibly controversial perspective on the most recent Las Vegas shooting as I encourage you to ask “Who benefits from this?”

I talk more about that in this week's video as well as.. 

  • How to download the “heart of Mother Earth” morphic field
  • How to do a “check up” on how complete your DNA recalibration is to its crystalline form (and how its communicating with the rest of your body).
  • How to expand your Light Radius with an upgraded Clearing Vortex
If you missed last week's radio show and you are still feeling challenged grounding yourself, you will definately want to check it out! I chatted with Dr. Dennis Lobstein about how to use pyramids and triangles to activate the Source field/zero point field: http://patchtrainingteam.com/why-pyramid-and-triangle-patching-is-so-powerful/
Don't forget about this Monday's radio show with Yvonne Perry at 3 pm EST, where Yvonne will be sharing some LIVE Light Language healing with us! Woo hoo! Click HERE to learn more.
Enjoy this week's video and please comment below with your thoughts!


Dr. Karen
Karen Kan
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