The Sacred Harmony Morphic Field

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In this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest video I share deeper insights into the burning of the forests of the world and how, even when these are intentional, they serve a greater purpose.  I’ll also share why many Light Warriors have been itching this past week! It has to do with alternate timelines!

A new positive morphic field (blueprint) has now been created called SACRED HARMONY which has been downloaded and activated for the Infiniverse!  The opposite of autoimmunity (body’s cells fighting each other like humanity fighting each other) is SACRED HARMONY.  Having a blueprint makes things easier to manifest in the Light.  That’s the power of Light Medicine!  Watch this video to learn more and to download this blueprint for yourself.


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Remember, some of the current chaos is the transition between the old paradigm and the new paradigm, so keep your perspective balanced and joyful!


Dr. Karen

Karen Kan
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