These Are My New Favorite Health Snacks

Yummy Paleo-Friendly Snack Bars (And At a Discount!)

If you're on an anti-inflammatory diet like I am, that means you don't eat a lot of grains, sugars, legumes or dairy.  Over the holidays I had a little too much gluten-free oats, and I could feel the negative effects on my joints!  Bummer…


I've been on the lookout lately for any “health food” bars that I can eat as a snack if I'm working late in the office.  There are many organic brands, but I can't tolerate many of the ingredients such as whey, soy, nuts (that have anti-nutrients because they haven't been soaked first), or sugar.  I decided that maybe beef jerky would be a good choice, but it got boring chewing on dried jerky all the time.


Then someone turned me onto Epic Bars.  They are Paleo-friendly and come in a handy size that you can take anywhere.  They are made with grassfed beef, lamb, bison or turkey and come in some yummy flavors like Lamb currant-mint,  Bison bacon cranberry (my favorite), Turkey almond cranberry and Beef habenero cherry.  They are moister than jerky with just a touch of sweet (reminds me a bit of the Chinese jerky I used to love minus the MSG).


I contacted the folks at Epic and they were kind enough to offer a 20% discount for the month of February to my subscribers – Yay!

I usually get a couple of cases to keep on hand, so you may wish to stock up.  I think you'll really enjoy them. I don't get any credit for telling you about them, but I get to partake in the discount too.

If you know someone who might like to know about this, please forward this info to them so they can get the discount as well.

Here is the discount code: DRKARENISEPIC

and the website: www.epicbar.com

Dr. Karen Kan


Karen Kan
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