Time to Share Your Successes!

As a new year approaches, we are called to reflect on the past year and soak in the important lessons and successes we have enjoyed.

For me, I am incredibly grateful for all the huge successes I've enjoyed this year including being nominated as Best of the Mountain's- Best Acupuncturist for 2015, being featured on several famous radio shows including Rising Stars: New Consciousness Review and we had our first successful Holistic Health Retreat (so fun!)…just to name a few

And I'm extremely excited about the new chapter that will start 2016, which will include a lot more spirituality work (Spoiler Alert: the beginnings of a new book!)…more on that to come (you can actually check out my first free Spirituality class for 2016 on January 3rd HERE).

Oh, and I can't forget about my “baby” of several years of research the very comprehensive Holistic Health Transformation Program, which was so fun and rewarding, and was definitely the highlight of the year!


So, what were YOUR successes? How often do you dwell on them? Research has shown that our brain is trained through habitual processes. In essence, the more you focus on something, the more of it you get!

So brag about it! Share your successes in the comments below. Then share your goals for 2016. What do you want in the new year for your health?

  • Do you want to eat healthier?
  • Be less stressed?
  • Trust your intuition more?
  • Be more in touch with your spirituality?
  • Release some emotional or physical blocks that are causing you to struggle?

Did you say yes to any of those? Awesome! Now how are you going to do that? Do you have the tools or do you need to seek them out?

If any of those goals resonate with you and you want the tools to achieve them then woo hoo, I have awesome news for you!

As my way of giving back during this time of celebration and gratitude, I am offering up a limited time $50 off my biggest success this year: my Holistic Health Transformation Program. We cover how to reach ALL of the goals mentioned above and more including how to learn 5 different energy healing techniques.

You'll have access to the replays of 12 webinar courses, along with handouts and bonuses for each class that cover every aspect of healing you can think about: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, nutritional.. you name it.

So if you are serious about really healing yourself this year, I highly suggest checking it out.


Go to www.karenkan.com/transformation-program to take a look at the detailed course contents!  If you have trouble deciding or you need some technical help, my assistant Jennifer can be reached at Jenniferburns@karenkan.com.

Here's to a new year filled with healing, love and joy for you and your loved ones!


Dr. Karen

I almost forgot, when you sign up for the program, you'll also receive two more FREE BONUSES: Law of Attraction Home Study Course, which includes six MP3 recordings of a live full-day workshop along with a PDF printable workbook (value $97) as well as a PDF copy of my 416 page bestseller Guide to Healing Chronic Pain – a Holistic Approach.

AND you'll get to be a part of our online community filled with other holistic health enthusiast to share your questions and successes throughout the year.

Here is the link again www.karenkan.com/transformation-program and the coupon HOLIDAYHEALTH good for $50 off the price through January 15th 2016.


Karen Kan
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