Tuning into your Soul’s Mission

Have you ever wondered why you're really here on earth? What's your purpose? What's your mission? Why did you incarnate?

For sensitive souls, the answer may be much bigger than they were taught as children. Most sensitive souls have a greater responsibility to help the world. They are our Indigos, Earth Angels (angels in human form), Starseeds (aliens in human form), Empaths, Hybrids (ET/Human DNA combos) etc.

In this enlightening interview hosted by Innerlight Radio and Johnathan Colbert, Dr. Karen Kan reveals the Soul Mission Matrix and how to quickly tune into your Soul's mission and “who you are”.

Let's find out what is this about in the first place.
Here you can find the description of each one of the souls and their meaning:

For the Soul mission matrix check out package B at: www.karenkan.com/light-warrior
Karen Kan
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