Waiting to die…

He was ready to pass – my relative.  We flew urgently to be at his side.  He didn't want his oxygen anymore.  It was prolonging the inevitable.  His surgical site was blocked again.  The surgeon said nothing could be done.  The oncologist was just pissed off that he didn't weight enough to qualify for chemo.  But he didn't want chemo anyway.  When I looked at his legs they were thinner than my arms.  There was no meat to his bones.  Breathing was labored.  What could I do?

I tried doing some lymph work, but that was impossible in the position in which he lay.  Then we used the Photon Genie to try to get the bowels and lymph to move, but after a while, he tired of that too.  He didn't eat or drink much.  Overnight after we arrived J , my husband was up on the hour every hour putting his oxygen back on him.  He almost died that night, but his wife shook his spirit back to his body.  He wanted to see both his kids and grand daughter once more before he died.  He got his wish.

In the weeks before, every time I checked in, there were entities around – ghosts, demons, evil spirits, waiting to take advantage of him and his wife in this weak state.  It was a lot of work constantly clearing them, the home, the car, the property, the phones…in a days before his final hospitalization I finally said to him through Facetime, “We're all praying for you, but you know what?  YOU have got to do it too.  The Angels told me that you must ask for yourself.”  I encouraged them to seek the help of a priest or minister from their faith to give him a blessing which happened in the hospital.  From that time, he knew his time was near and he did pray to Jesus to save him.  I didn't know this of course, until I arrived and was surprised that he was completely clear of entities.  Wow!

The next day the decision was made that if he didn't want his oxygen on and wanted to “go home to Jesus”, we would respect his wishes and let him go.  It was tough.  It took longer than we all wanted or anticipated.  As his breathing sputtered, I felt his pulse, all the while praying fervently for the Angels to surround us in protection and love.  I sang to him in the last moments.  As his pulse faded from his wrist, I put my ear on his chest.  I didn't have a stethoscope with me.  His chest heaved a few times.  Then finally, all was quiet and still.  I checked in and asked the Angels “did he cross over into the light with you?” The assured me “yes”.  We had been worrying about the detours that could have happened.  I emailed my mentor T and asked her to double check.  Thankfully she responded, “Yes! peaceful! Beautifully done!” meaning that he made it to the Other side safely.

Although the family joked a bit about him haunting them, I knew that wouldn't happened.  I was a little naive in thinking that the majority of my job was over.  But it was not.  We had to funeral and the cemetery to look forward to…

Karen Kan
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