What are Energetic Implants? Plus Upcoming Free Resources

Access Your Free Spiritual Healing Frequencies to Help Integrate Ascension Energies

Wow! I love how many new insights are popping up with each Ascension level! The big theme for this week is energetic Implants (I explain more about what implants exactly are in this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest video below).

These implants have often corresponding with my clients source of pain, and they have also been giving many people the key to access lower realms in their sleep! The good news is once you remove the implants, the ability for other consciousnesses to attach to you is gone.

Interestingly enough, we couldn’t detect these implants before the most recent ascension upgrades, but now our bodies are able to recognize them and they are trying to get it them out.

In this week's video I have some more great muscles testing questions for you to explore if you have any implants, as well as how to check in to see how well you are integrating your ascension energies. Oh, and I have some special set of questions for anyone who is empathetic.

Finally, I share with you some wonderful free resources coming up in the next few weeks including a ton of fascinating interviews including the ones below:

Thyroid Health and Acupuncture Patches

Why so many people are Gluten Sensitive?

How to Download Assisting Frequencies for Your Healing


Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for a free entity class coming very soon! Enjoy and be sure to “share the love” by forwarding the video to someone you care about.

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Dr. Karen

Karen Kan
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