What are Portals?

In this series of memes, I’ll be sharing TOLPAKAN™ Healing Method tips related to entities/ET interference and clearing.

I like to empower my clients and students to be able to clear entities on their own. TOLPAKAN™ Healing frequencies directed to the right target, are powerful energies that can do the “hard work” for you when it comes to Entity and ET clearing.

I found out about entity portals/gateways years ago when attempting to shield my family members from entities entering his hospital room. I had clear entities in the room and put up protection so that none may enter. But after clearing, I kept finding “new” entities entering the room. When I asked Source why it was because there was a portal underneath the floor that was allowing entities in. They weren’t coming through the walls or the door as I had imagined they might.

I then began realizing that entity portals can be found not only in certain locations but also inside people. Chakras, the energy centers in our bodies, can sometimes be affected by portals. A portal can seem huge (like ones I’ve found in some locations that span several hundred feet in diameter) or small (photonic level).

One of the interesting stories I have around clearing portals is during one of the Winter Olympics. My friend texted me one evening and asked what was going on with the figure skating because almost all the men skating was falling left right and center. I quickly advised her to direct my TKH healing tool, Ascension 1 and 2 to the event, and in the meantime did a reading. Apparently, entity portals were abundant below the surface of the earth and extended for miles around and beyond the Olympic village.

So I cleared the huge number of portals underground and put a protective bubble around the Olympic village. My friend texted me back and said that right after she sent AS 1 and 2, the next man that skated, skated clean! And the figure skating for the rest of that years’ Olympics was exemplary!

So always check for, and clear portals as well as the entities. There are also ET portals which, even if not a low light score, can affect human physiology. That’s for another day’s discussion!

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