What does Your Name Say About You?


What is Name Reality and how can it help your health?

I recently ran across this fascinating article from Name Reality specialist Lyon G. Payley Zonamyari. (note: this is NOT the same as numerology).  In 2010 Lyon diverged down a more scientific path linking energy and vibration to ones names.

“Name Reality is a mathematical formula used to calculate a person's character and life events. In a nutshell, there are 64 personality types dividing the human race, just as there are 64 fundamental forces that constitute the action of the Universe.

Each of your documented names is represented by two of these personalities including your mother’s maiden name and the number of the day you were born.

Any one name for the most is good. Just as you can touch any one key on a piano and it will sound good. When you press two or more keys at the same time or play with two hands, it is important you press the right keys. If you press the right combination of keys, you produce beautiful music.

If you press the wrong combination of keys, at best you are out of tune, or worst, you become a dreadful noise. Your names apply a similar action.

The second part of Name Reality reveals how letters in your names change and rotate on your birthday. Using the mathematical formula you can calculate a life chart showing which letters are active in what year. Every letter has a definition. Some are good and some are…not so much. Again, it is the combination of these three or four letters, one from each of your names that dictate influences for that year of your life.”

Ok, you've been carrying around this name for awhile.. what does it mean for you now?

Ever wondered why people change their name? It's to change what they are attracting into their life!

According to Lyon, your name can actually tell you quite a lot including.. 

  • How a marriage name change will affect you.
  • If your names hinder your progress or create constant disruption
  • Sometimes changing just one name, a middle name you do not use or the way you spell a name can make a huge difference
  • Creating a vibrant combination of names for a newborn can be a wonderful gift – A Gift for Life!
  • and more!

Isn't it funny how the energy attached to our names can have an influence on what we attract into our lives?

I was so fascinated by this stuff, that I invited Lyon onto my radio show next week! He is even going to do a Name Analysis for me and share the results on air!

Be sure to tune in LIVE to have your questions about Name Reality, and to hear more about this fascinating topic that impacts all of us.

Monday, August 15th at 12 pm Noon Eastern time 

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Enjoy! And be sure to share this fascinating free resource with someone you care about.

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