What if you could “program” yourself with brilliance of the Dalai Lama or Steve Jobs?

As you probably already know, I'm a big fan of energy healing and gifted energy healers. And I'm also kind of a geek – I love technology.

What do you get when you combine a modern mystic with an computer geek?

You get Peter Schenk. Peter is one of those gift energy healers – a superseer actually – who can tell you things about yourself and your path that no other “psychic” can. He's also a worldclass IT engineer. He's found a way to help the average person become self-empowered to do their own healing with a push of a mouse button. All that is needed is your desire (your goal) and a child-like mind (openness and wonder)…oh, and a PC!

Check out Monday's show (pre-recorded) that I did with Peter Schenk talking about how the latest version of his amazing healing software, Aquaware 5.0, can help you accomplish amazing things including

• Develop clairvoyance and other six senses
• Self-Empowerment and Self-Healing
• Peaceful and loving relationships
• Properity and abundance
• Clearing negativity and self-sabotage
• Download the blueprint of brilliant people like star athletes, healers, inventors, actors, artists and writers
• Immediate Pain reliefs
• Freedom from infections and addiction
• Remove curses or access your Akashic Records
• Emulate a Reiki, Acupuncture, Reconnective or Theta healing session
….over 100% intents already pre-programed into the software AND you can make up your own custom intent

The details can be found HERE as well as a PDF User Guide. You'll find some cool testimonials on the page from people who have been beta testing this software. I loved Aquaware 4.0 and I just downloaded the 7-day free trial version of Aquaware 5.0 and I'm so excited to try it!

Oh, did I mention the free trial? Yep, you can try it for free for 7 days risk free HERE. If you love it like (and I think you will) head back to www.karenkan.com/AQ5 to purchase the full version.

Check out these testimonials:


FEAR Gone- Rapid Transformation

“Aquaware 5 is truly amazing! After only 6 days things have already begun to shift. Before I began using this I would awaken nightly with terrible fear…now it is almost.completely.gone! I feel more relaxed daily and I notice I do not react as much as I used to. Some of the sessions have created instant change with an instant knowing that things are now going to be different. It is so easy to use and the results are tangible. To anyone looking for rapid, complete.transformation, you HAVE to try Aquaware5! You will thank yourself.”


Good luck, IN THE FLOW, Cash, Abundance

” I used a layered intent with good luck, iINTHE FLOW, cash, abundance and a few other goodies. I decided to take this seriously and used 100% strength for every 6 ounces then drank a quart of it throughout the day.

The following day I received an overpayment of $90 on my paycheque which I brought to the attention of the director and she said, “The instructors don't get paid nearly what they're worth just keep it.
Day 2, I was offered $430 in services which were 100% desireable and expensive providing that I enter an upcoming art show. Of course I used brilliant minds 🙂 I created 4 paintings in two days which is a pretty good speed for me. I only had a 1/2 day to frame so I didn't enter the show but volunteered there instead and gave up the $430. Only when I was reflecting on what a fabulous day I had did I realize that the VALUE had been in connecting and networking with several artists and two very excellent artists gave me their personal contact info. I was feeling over the moon with joy and definitely in the flow. The FREE artwork I received from one of my new contacts is a wonderful physical reminder.

Day 3 I did a favour for a friend of a friend regarding her cat. She GIFTED me a 6 week course that cost $260 . I would not have been able to take the course otherwise. It was an extremely generous gift for what I did. Defnite ABUNDANCE. and the course will have far reaching effects.

A couple days passed and I was asked if I would like another class before the end of the month. I work for it but it's still FINANCIAL GAIN.

To top it all off I got caught up in the positive vibe and momentum and submitted artwork for an art market in a larger city this summer and was accepted. Considering 99% of what I paint is in a drawer or used for instruction this is a new path and I'm going with the flow intent layered and creative layered intents for awhile. This was a really fun experience and my curiousity is now piqued for what else is possible with Aquaware.

Thanks Peter!” Barbara Lammi 

How awesome is that?
So what should I program? Shall I create a custom intent to skate like Kurt Browning (my favorite skater) or have the healing power of Jesus? Or both! Yes, in the new Aquaware 5.0 version you can program up to nine intentions into one! And instead of taking over 1 minute to charge the water, it takes only 13.1 seconds. Wow!

I won't have any excuse to be late for work again LOL!

Here is the radio show info below
Monday, August 8th at 12 pm Noon Eastern time

Call in to listen with this number: (818) 514-1190

Tune in via internet here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drkaren/2016/08/08/probably-the-most-powerful-self-empowerment-tool-ever-created

Can't tune in at this time? Just save the link above and check out the recording anytime after the show. But don't wait too long, the free trial is limited time!

Here's what you will learn…
1. how aquaware 5.0 actually works
2. why God/Creator may override your intentions
3. how to be creative in your intentions
4. how big a body of water you can charge and how often
5. how to use the water you charge for maximum benefit (hint, you can charge humidity in the air!)
…and more!

You'll also get a sneak peak from Peter about his upcoming physical product, the Harmonic Field Amplifier, a device you place in your car to ease your travels (wait until you hear about the woman who avoided a fridge falling out of the back of the truck ahead of her!)


Here is that link again to learn more: www.karenkan.com/AQ5

Enjoy the show!

Dr. Karen
PS if you already bought Aquaware 4.0 or other versions and want an upgrade price, just contact me and I'll get you the special deal with Peter.

Karen Kan
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