What is your Empathy Signal?

Dr. Karen's Spiritual Medicine Digest: Fear, GMOs and Your Body's Empathy Signal

What is an Empathy Signal? It’s the sign your body gives you to tell you that are taking on other people’s emotional “stuff” without realizing it. My empathy signal is “itchyness”, constipation, and migraines. Out of the blue anxiety and depression are both very common empathy signals as well.

So how do you know what your empathy signal is? There are some simple muscle testing questions you can ask including:

“Am I or any part of me resonating or empathizing with someone, something, or some place that is causing ____ symptom?”

Then you can continue to ask if it’s in your highest and greatest good, and even gauge how healthy your boundaries are with this person. Finally, you can quickly heal any unhealthy boundaries using the TOLPAKAN Healing (I share more details about this in this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest video HERE). I did this with Mother Earth the other day in less than 15 minutes!


In this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest I also talk about FEAR and FOOD.

Have you heard of the Dark Act? Most people haven’t. It denies Americans the right to know what’s in our food and it was just passed in the Senate. Interesting that the violence in the news has been so prominent that we haven’t heard much about the Dark Act isn’t it? With that being said, be aware of your emotions! Fear is a powerful emotion that can not only cloud our judgement and can keep us seeing things like the Dark Act, but can also attract entities.

So no, you don’t have to fear GMOs.

Not matter what you are eating, you can check the vibrational frequency of your food and bless all the people/places/things that are involved with your food. I notice a huge difference in my food and body when I do this!


I end this week’s video with some free healing resources including a TON of excellent resources at fromheartachetojoy.com as well as my interview with Holly Hallowell, where we actually did 3 frequencey downloads for our listeners. Yep, you can receive those frequencies just by listening and following the simple instructions from the interview HERE.  Next week I will be having Vaccine expert on my radio show, so if you have questions about vaccines, be sure to call in on Monday HERE.


Enjoy this week’s video HERE, and if it resonates with you please share it with others. Let’s raise one another’s vibrations together!




Dr. Karen

Karen Kan
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