What LifeWave Patches Should I use First?

How Do I introduce LifeWave Patches to Someone Else?

“I love LifeWave! I can’t wait to get started patching and sharing it with everyone I know!.. wait.. how do I even start?”

If this sounds like you, don’t worry you are not alone. I hear this quite often! If you’re new to LifeWave patches, it may seem confusing when you think about how to start patching, or how to begin introducing them to other people. Even if you’re not new to LifeWave patches, you may find yourself having questions about how effectively combining them.


On Monday I am dedicating my next radio show to you, to answer all your questions about LifeWave Patches and Being a LifeWave Distributor. I’ll be hosting with LifeWave expert Dr. Dennis Lobstein and we will be telling you everything you need to know!


You have until Monday, July 7th to submit YOUR questions (just post them HERE on my blog) and we will answer them live on the air! Just make sure to post your questions before Monday,  July 7th.


We will also be chatting about these popular questions LIVE as well:

1. What LifeWave patches are best to use first?

2. Can you combine patches and if so, how?

3. If someone has no symptoms but still wants to use acupuncture patches, which ones should they use?

4. What if LifeWave patches aren’t working – what should I do?

…and much, much more!

Here are the Details to Join Us:

Monday, July 7th at 12 pm Eastern

Call In Live at: (818) 514-1190

Tune in via internet here:


(This is also where a copy of the recording will be available immediately after the interview)

Dr. Karen Kan

Karen Kan
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