What’s the deal with imprinting your water?

The simple explanation of why imprinting your water really works (a great explanation for fellow learners!)

I’ll try to explain in everyday language the science behind why imprinting your water with your desires really works:

If you haven’t heard of Emoto, I highly suggest doing a quick Google search about  his scientific studies on water memory and quantum physics (if it’s your first time hearing about it, it will blow your mind).

Long story short, he realized that water has memory, which means it “soaks up” information it is exposed to (pun intended). The good news? It was quickly discovered that water can be intentionally infused with information (or desires) with the right frequencies (i.e. a computer software program). Once the water is programmed you can drink it or bathe in it. Since your body is 65% water, this programmed water directs information to your body cells.

The results speak for themselves, when I used an earlier version of Peter Schnek’s computer software designed to do just that,  I manifested $1,000 and 2 new clients in less than a month (with no extra work!).


So you can imagine my excitement when I heard that the same creator was releasing an even more powerful computer program that imprints your water with your desires and works even more quickly than before: Aquaware 4.0. It claims to harnesses the energy and passion of 20 of the most influential leaders in history. Whoa!

Interested in learning more?

I'm airing a behind the scenes interview with the creator, Peter Schnek on my radio show on Monday as he spills the beans all about the inspiration that birthed Aquaware 4.0 including it's coolest cutting-edge features:

  • Ability to put up to seven intents in a single glass of water
  • Ability to build Quantum Layering Sessions and save them
  • 700 + pre-established intentions
  • Ability to write in your own intent and continuously direct it into any target water anywhere


Here are the details to check it out:

Monday, January 19th at 12 pm Eastern

To tune in via internet visit: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drkaren/2015/01/19/aquaware-40-how-to-manifest-7-intentions-at-one-time

(Can't catch the airing of the interview? Be sure to bookmark the link to check out later)

To listen in via phone or skype call: (818) 514-1190

In the meanwhile you can check out www.karenkan.com/aquaware4.0 for more information and to hear a heart-touching story about a champion race car driver who became blind and then gained his sight back after using Aquaware 4.0. Really powerful stuff!


Be sure to “share the love” by forwarding the interview to a fellow lifelong learner.


Dr. Karen


Karen Kan
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