why can’t healing be easier?

Dr. Karen's Spiritual Medicine Digest: We are in the Expansion Phase!

This week marks a new expansion phase of Ascension. During this phase your clair abilities become more heightened, which means you may have noticed that you've been able to “sense” things more easily this week. 


More about that in this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest where I also share….

  • How to quickly complete your transmutation “job” so you aren't as sensitive to other’s “stuff”

  • What I discovered about energetic infections

  • How I answer the question “why am i not healing as quickly or easily as I am want to?”


If you missed my interview from Monday be sure to check it out HERE. Especially important for Starseeds who may be storing extra EZ water around your stomach!


This upcoming Monday I’m interviewing Dr. Dennis Lobstein about a very different and potentially controversial topic….can the Nirvana patch help support the ascension? You can tune in to hear more HERE at 3 pm EST.


Enjoy this week’s video below and be sure to “spread the love and light” by sharing it with someone you love.



Dr. Karen 

Karen Kan
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