Why have we become so wheat intolerant?

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In the last decade, food allergies and food sensitivities have skyrocketed with one of the most notorious culprits being wheat.

But why? After all, haven't we consumed wheat for thousands of years, yet this is a fairly recent phenomenon.

Well, I unexpectedly ran across a fascinating documentary called “What's With Wheat” that revealed why today's wheat is so different than that of our ancestors. It was JUST released last month, and I was actually very impressed with the in-depth information they provided. Here's just a tidbit from their website HERE:

“It’s been several generations since the beginning of packaged foods filled with hydrogenated oils, additives, preservatives, flavorings, colors, artificial sweeteners, hydrogenated dairy, hydrolysed proteins and wheat based sugars to name a few of the 1000’s of chemicals added.  It’s also been four decades since the beginning of the hybridisation of the wheat grain and in that time, genetically modified foods have been infiltrated into most packaged foods.”

Fascinating stuff!

I loved the documentary so much that I immediately had my assistant ring up the producer of the film Cyndi O'Meara to come on my show.. and she said yes!

We recorded a fascinating interview sharing the details of the documentary and I will be airing this free information on my radio show on Monday. See below to learn how to tune in:


“Why are we so Gluten Intolerant?”

Monday, July 11th at 12 pm Noon Eastern time 

Call in to listen to the interview by dialing: 

Tune in via internet with this link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drkaren/2016/07/11/why-are-so-many-people-gluten-sensitive-how-todays-wheat-impacts-our-health

Can't join us at this time? Just check out the link above anytime after the show to catch the replay. 


If you or someone you love has any food sensitivities (especially to gluten), please share this free resource with them!

Oh, and Cyndi knows her stuff! Check out her impressive credentials HERE.



Dr. Karen Kan



Karen Kan
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