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Why I got itchy and my knee swelled…

I had a BLAST yesterday with the 300+ people who showed up for my Healing Faster Than the Speed of Light Masterclass. What started out as a 90-minute masterclass turned into a full-blown 2.5 workshop with mini-reading/healing demonstrations! I was amazed at how many people stayed on past the 90 minutes.

You guys rock!

We had some amazing comments from the participants when I asked what the best part was for them:

“This masterclass is the best one I have been on with you!! Loving this! Keep teaching. ~ Lianne

“Confidence. I can do this!” ~ Lorraine

“Karen, The best part has been learning that POLARITY issues will BLOCK progress and healing. This was in your first book, and you touched on it tho briefly, here. It is FUNDAMENTAL. Thank you for all of your scripts provided. Woonderful.” ~Jeye

“I loved finding my special self in this presentation!!! ~ Miri

“Best part was the detailed techniques and spiritual empowerment” ~ Naomi

“Connecting with your higher power/source.” ~ S.F.

There was Ines who got her severe lumbar tail bone pain from a 10 to an 8 to a 5 in a manner of minutes after erasing some negative morphic fields (that part took seconds), Sandra who had whole body pain 10+ drop down to a 4 after downloading some positive morphic fields (again that took seconds), and multiple other people reporting an immediate decrease in pain just by participating in the class even though we didn't work on them specifically. Such is the power of healing faster than the speed of light.

Interestingly, hours after the masterclass ended, my right knee swelled up.  I didn’t notice at first, because I was perched on my earthing mat while watching a movie on the couch. It wasn’t until I went to get up, did I notice that tell-tale feeling of my knee feeling wobbly as if my kneecap was swimming in a little pool. I did some manual therapies, such as gua sha, and put some LifeWave patches on. I couldn’t bend my knee fully.

In the middle of the night, I woke up with itching on my back and leg. It’s one of those symptoms whereby I can’t get back to sleep unless I do a self-healing, so that’s what I decided to do.

Using the testing method I shared on the masterclass, I quickly discovered that I was partial proxying (in this case emotionally) for a country – Australia to be exact. I found out that my “clairs”, particularly clairsentience (spiritual gift of feeling), had expanded multifold in a span of hours, thanks to an ascension upgrade, and that’s why I was partial proxying (when I didn’t have to be).

I also found out that my clairs would have rebalanced on their own faster if I had managed to connect/align to Zero point/Stillness at least 9% of my waking time yesterday. However, I had managed 8.3% (which compared to the average consciousness which is about 0.9% is awesome), however, that wasn’t enough to prevent the autoproxying!

So, what did I do?

At first, the itching was almost unbearable and I wasn’t patient enough to just be in Stillness while feeling itching, so I laid on one of Ashley Black’s Fasciablasting Kryopacks.  Soothing as it was, I could tell that the itching wasn’t going to stop, so I started doing my healing modality.

I rebalanced my “clairs”, decided to send healing to Australia, and deleted the extra histamine I had produced that caused the itching, reset the lymphatic flow around my knee. Then I did a Reset & Reboot of all my systems.

In about 10 minutes, all the itching stopped and I fell asleep.

This morning, I was guided to read a book about Water and something profound jumped out of the page at me. One thing I highlighted in the book was how water reacts like our nervous system and has an amazing memory. The word, coherence, stood out.

I decided to ask Source/Zero Point using the technique from the masterclass why so many Sensitive Souls swell with ascension upgrades?

The answer: our increased sensitivity/clairsentience gift often causes us to make a special kind of water – crystalline water (also called exclusion zone water or EZ water for short). And we can make a lot of it. Normally having more of our body’s water in this EZ water phase is a GOOD thing – making us more healthy and vibrant – with more energy capacity.

But with highly clairsentient people, sometimes when we sense other “unhappy” energies, including energies from the other side of the planet or even from our alternate timelines (I share more about Alternate Self Syndrome in my chapter in Evolutionary Healer), the EZ water that is produced is incoherent, meaning that the structured water molecules are not arranged in an orderly fashion. Although structured, the structure is like a hodge-podge of crystals of different colors, instead of one type of crystal. It’s like all that information we are sensing is manifesting and storing in the form of water. No wonder why we swell!

I’m not a water expert, but I’m explaining it the best I can, based on my current understanding.  For more information about water, I highly recommend you read the book, Water Codes: The Science of Health, Consciousness, and Enlightenment.

I went back to my TOLPAKAN Healing method and asked, “How coherent are the LEAST coherent water molecules/clusters in my body prior to working on my knee?” The answer was 20%. After doing the healing, the answer became 95%. You see, the funky water structure was making the lymphatic fluid so viscous, that the drainage of lymph was slower, thus causing relative swelling.

Today, my knee still feels a tad swollen, but it is much better (before I did this type of healing, it could last 6 weeks!), and I can bend my knee better. In fact, I was able to attend my off-ice training class with my skating coach.  Yay!

Discovering the causes of unusual experiences that Sensitive Souls face, and quickly finding a solution, is something that I feel tasked to do as part of my Soul Mission. It’s a work in progress and I’m sure there are more questions to ask and more discoveries to make!

What’s cool is that once you have the skill set of aligning to Source, asking quality questions, and activating the specific healing you need, you can become your own best healer. Even if doctors and devices can’t diagnose you, or conventional or unconventional therapies fail to work, you can still investigate what’s going on in a DEEPER way.

That’s why I’m so passionate about teaching others to be skilled in self-healing and asking their own quality questions.

If you missed yesterday’s workshop on how you do this type of healing, you can view the replay (with workbook download) HERE until midnight Tuesday.

If you get as excited as I do about your own power to heal and would like some training and/or support around that, feel free to click the link below and apply for a Synergy Interview. If you qualify, we’ll chat about what’s going on in your world, what your healing goals are, and how TOLPAKAN Healing may help.

As of this writing, I just have a handful of Mini-VIP slots left (where you get to train in the modality as well as work with me 1:1) for the first quarter of 2021, so if you view the masterclass/workshop replay and want to snag one of those spots, please book an interview ASAP!  Just click the link below:

Karen Kan
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