Why I have “bruises” all over my body this week!

Please Comment Below if You Notice Major Shifts this Week!

If you start to watch this week's Spiritual Medicine Digest video, you may be surprised to see what look like small “bruises” all over my body. Not to worry! This is due to the recent “cupping” I've been doing ever since I've started my Metabolic Prime workouts (which I love by the way since it only takes up a total of 45 minutes all week to do!) I explain more about what cupping does for your fascia in this week's video HERE.

More importantly I share some powerful resources and insights regarding healthy boundaries and how I activate the specific frequency that allows you connection to Source 24/7. How cool is that?!

The healing I did this week using the TOLPAKAN Healing Method that reached 97% of people, so hopefully  you will likely be noticing some some changes in your own life in the next week or so, such as an increased ability to give or receive love, new opportunities, or shifts in your work or love relationships. You can watch the video below to hear all the juicy details of how I did it.Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 6.35.47 PM
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Dr. Karen

Karen Kan
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