Why it is unhealthy to take deep breaths…

Do you know anyone with sleep apnea, snoring, asthma, heart troubles? Or an athlete that wants to take their game to the next level? If your answer is YES, then you'll want to join me and my guest Patrick McKeown on tomorrow's Light Warrior Radio segment as we discuss the benefits of Buteyko Breathing.


Patrick is the world expert in Buteyko Breathing and a certified instructor of the method, and he's helped thousands of people get off their asthma medications and breathe normally again by teaching them how to breathe properly. And many lose weight too as a side effect…

Did you know that most of us are “overbreathing?”

I have thought for many years that deep breathing through the belly was THE way to breathe. Come to find out, the science doesn't support this advice.  Now, granted, breathing into your lower belly is much better than in your chest, Dr. Buteyko discovered that people breathe too often, taking in a larger volume of air than they actually need.

What happens when we do that?

Glad you asked :); When we breathe frequently and take in a large volume of air repetitively as most people do, whether they breathe into their chest (not so good) or their bellies (good), our carbon dioxide levels drop too low.  When that happens, the oxygen we carry around in our hemoglobin doesn't detach from the molecule to feed our cells!

It's called the Bohr effect in science (yup, only vaguely remember that from high school chemistry, do you?).

Since reading Patrick's book, Close Your Mouth, (https://amzn.to/2HZZRbO) I've told several huffing and puffing athletes to try closing their mouth as they exercise.  Miraculously, they all said it made a big difference!  In fact, one gal I was playing martial arts with (who was half my age) was huffing and puffing while we were playing and I noticed her mouth open the whole time.  I, on the other hand, was breathing calmly through my nose.  I suggested to her that she should try closing her mouth the next round and she did.  She said it made a huge difference!

People with sleep apnea, snoring, asthma and heart disease (including high blood pressure) are overbreathers!  Join Patrick and me on Monday's show to learn more about this easy yet remarkable breathing method here:

Here's the link to join the show Monday at 12 Noon Eastern (www.worldtimebuddy.com to find your time zone) https://bit.ly/2K6e9KT

Call in live to ask Patrick for advice: 1-818-514-1190 and hit “1” so we know your hand is up. I'll also be opening up the chat so you can post your question there. 

He'll be demonstrating one of the exercises right on the show (YAY!) so you can try it out at home.

In this show you'll learn:

1. Why it is harmful to breathe through your mouth

2. One thing you can do at night to stop the cycle of overbreathing (it's cheap and easy)

3. How you can “test” yourself to see if you are overbreathing

This is gonna be great!

See you tomorrow!


Dr. Karen

Karen Kan
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