Why we have to go through Darkness to get to Light

Common misconceptions about raising our vibration

I have found that with each “level” of ascension that there are other deeper things that we are shown to heal. How we get to the light is by removing by everything that isn’t truly us (such as “dark things”).

In short: Enlightenment is a peeling away of all that is not you.

So if you are doing your healing work and you are feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, I want you to know that even though there are dark energies and imbalances, it’s not something to fear or avoid.

When we are committed to being in the light we must go through uncomfortable and sometimes painful experiences in order to get to the other side.

When you do find yourself feeling fearful or overwhelmed, take a breath, join nature and get curious..

“I wonder what this is about?”

“Why did I attract this experience in my life?”


In this week’s video I share a really important lesson about my own healthy boundaries and making sure I work only with people who are truly committed to their process. I share what happened last week when I didn’t honor that boundary and what it DOES make possible for others when I honor myself.

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Dr. Karen Kan

Karen Kan
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