Yoga for Healthy Aging – it’s not what you think…

On Monday September 25th I'll be interviewing Baxter Bell, MD, co-author of the soon-to-be-released book, Yoga for Healthy Aging,  Baxter was a traditionally trained family physician just as I was, but he decided after many years in a successful practice (yup, he got the beautiful spouse, the house, the car etc.), that he was going to pursue yoga teacher training.
I met Baxter in 2000 when we both took the Acupuncture for Physicians training at UCLA in California and we became fast friends.  You'll learn on the show one of the reasons why Bax was “pivotal” in my spiritual growth way back when.
So we're going to be talking about yoga and if that interests you, great! However, there are a ton of myths out there about yoga and Baxter is here to set things straight and how yoga can be a part of healthy aging – that is, staying healthy as we age, not necessarily just living longer.  So his book, Yoga for Healthy Aging isn't for the elderly per se, but for everyone who wants helpful tools (including dealing with illness and stress), to live WELL.
If you're not sure if this is for you, you can check out Baxter's Yoga for Healthy Aging blog:  http://yogaforhealthyaging.blogspot.com/ which is a free resource.  I asked Baxter how he and his co-author decided to write this book and the story is a fascinating tale of how synchronicities abound when one is on one's Divine Path (we're gonna be talking about how to check for that in my upcoming Unlock Your Superpowers Program October 18th!)
Here are the details to tune into the interview:
Monday, September 24th at 3 pm EST

Tune in via webcast: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drkaren/2017/09/25/yoga-for-healthy-aging–its-not-what-you-think

Tune in via phone: (818) 514-1190

Cant join us live? just tune into the recording anytime after the show airs! 

Know someone who loves yoga or is looking for a peaceful practice to help heal their illness and age gracefully? Then please share this free resource with them, they will thank you for it!
Dr. Karen
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