You Asked For It.. You Got it! Brand New Course Starts Wednesday

After repeated requests from my readers, new LifeWave distributors and customers, I've decided to roll out a brand new LifeWave Product Training Course that will be available to the public.  This course is a series of 7 Webinars and includes the following classes:


Class I: Patch Basics & How to use Energy Enhancer and IceWave Pain Relief Patches

Class 2: How to use the Y-Age Glutathione, Carnosine and Aeon anti-aging patches

Class 3: How to use the Silent Nights and SP6 Complete patches

Class 4: How to combine patches

Class 5: Theta Nutrition

Class 6: Matrix 2 Cell Phone Radiation Protection

Class 7: AcuLife Patches for Animals


This course is not a pre-requisite to using the products and is only an adjunct to the LifeWave company's educational brochures and videos. The course will cover basic principles and will be interactive.  If you have questions about the product that you can't get answered, this is the place!

All the classes will be recorded and available for later viewing.  You must register in order to view the recordings.  The course is just $97 for all seven classes! For those that wish to be sent a certificate of completion (PDF via email), a Final Exam will be available.

Here is the link to register: 

Register today! First class starts Wednesday.

Hope to see you in class!

Dr. Karen


Dr. Karen




If you have any trouble registering, please view this step-by-step tutorial I made for you here: https://www.karenkan.com/learnitliveregistration


If you still have questions please email my assistant Jennifer at jenniferburns@karenkan.com



Karen Kan
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