Your Chance to Try The Body Code.. For Free!

Uncover Your Body Imbalances With Me During My FREE Body Code Webinar Next Week!

The time is almost here! My FREE Body Code Webinar is coming up next weekend, and I am so excited!

I can't wait to show you firsthand how great this technique works- and if you have the chance to join me live, you can experience it for yourself with some free healing work!

In case you haven't heard me rave about the Body Code, I'll give you a really quick rundown:

The Body Code is similar to the Emotion Code except that instead of just discovering the underlying trapped emotions causing illness and dis-ease, you can use muscle testing to also determine other imbalances including:

•           structural imbalances

•           infections

•           toxicity

•           nutritional imbalances

•           energetic imbalances

•           and more!

You may be thinking.. why do these imbalances matter? 

bodycode3Well, let me give you an example…

I had a patient with over 10 years of depression who didn't recover despite being on different anti-depressants. By the end of the first visit, we discovered with the Body Code 2.0 that she had a mold infection. Within a week of taking the mold remedy, she was free of depression! Cool or what? 

But enough of me raving about Body Code….come try it out for yourself during my FREE  Body Code Webinar! 

Here are the details to join us:

Body Code FREE Webinar

Saturday June 21st at 10:00AM Eastern. 

To Register visit: http://webinarjam.net/webinar/go/1046/2de2fcfe00

(There will be a free replay of the webinar in case you miss it, but you have to register to get the replay)

Feel free to invite friends and loved ones to experience it for themselves!

I hope to see you on the webinar!


Dr. Karen Kan


As a quick reminder that my $20 off a new patient visit or $5 off an autographed paperback copy of my Guide to Healing Chronic Pain book ends August 31, 2014. Contact me at 518-524-8188 if you want to take advantage of the discount(s).

Karen Kan
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