Your Healing Goodies for this week..

Rapid Ascension Upgrades Means more Self-Love!

Wow! Talk about rapid ascensions! This week there were 99 Ascension upgrades in 24 hours alone! You’ll want to make sure you’re treating yourself with lots of love, including more minerals, water, sleep and grounding.


You may also notice that your firewalls and boundaries keep coming down. This isn't a BAD thing, as they actually need to go down temporarily during these ascension upgrades in order for us to expand and grow. Lucky for us, we can restore them quickly.. I share HOW in this week’s Spiritual Medicine Digest HERE.

While you spend some much needed time relaxing this weekend, feel free to enjoy the freebie healing goodies I mentioned in this week’s video below:


HERE is the link to join us for this Monday’s Live Healing radio show at 3 pm EST where we will be doing some mini healings around DNA Activation with Chaikim Lee.. I’m excited!

You can also catch my Advanced Light Warrior Interview Replay HERE and grab my very popular Addictions be Gone MP3 HERE– THIS Weekend ONLY


Enjoy this week’s video below and be sure to share it with someone you love!





Dr. Karen


Karen Kan
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