[Light Warrior Radio] Seeking Truth During the Great Awakening with Jason Shurka

As you may know, I was booted off Facebook three times, and then was christened a Conspiritualist by my new friend and co-conspiritualist, Denby, after being cen-sored on YouTube. As a medical doctor, I didn’t realize that I wasn’t allowed to talk about informed consent publicly, let alone provide free downloadable resources to give people essential information about inoculations that they may be offered.

I do my best to not be anti-anything. Instead, I prefer being pro-healing, pro-informed consent, pro-freedom, pro-transparency… I like staying in the energy of curiosity rather than conformity.

During this episode, I will be interviewing Jason Shurka, an author, entrepreneur, and truth-seeker, who has made a big splash in the spiritual leadership arena with his compassionate and cutting-edge videos with non-mainstream spiritual and wellness leaders (whom I will not name).

Publisher of the Pyramid Code, Jason and I speak the same language. We both resonate with Unity and Harmony rather than Division and Criticism. As a sensitive soul, Jason is literally harnessing his Superpowers to spread truth in the most loving way possible.

During this interview, we will be discussing:

  • How the 2020 pandemic radically changed his life and how he has come to express his Soul’s mission
  • Some of the major takeaways from key “cen-sored” interviews he has had with non-mainstream truth-telling leaders
  • The most recent mind-blowing, consciousness-expanding truths he has come across since the pandemic
  • How you can thrive during this time as a truth-seeker, even if no one close to you believes you
  • How humanity can get to Unity Consciousness despite the forces dividing us
  • How the Pyramid Code can help you
  • …and more!



Jason is the Vice President of an International Commercial Real Estate Company, Founder of The Academy of Divine Knowledge, and author of three books (Forming the Formless, The Language of Energy, and Rays of Knowledge).


The Academy of Divine Knowledge 



Karen Kan
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